1.The beggining of war:'"
" Green Wizard and other Sergeant clones had a mission to protect genosis base later lieutenant droid attacked them the base was destroyed.'"
" Clones lost:7.'"
" Mission:Failed(base was destroyed)'"
2.Darth Malgus padawan:'"
" After finding old Malguses base Clone troopers were caught later they had escaped from terrifying terror of doom'"
" Clones lost:1'"
" Mission:Failed(been tricked)'"
3.Finding traitor:'"
" After escaping Komari Vosa's base troopers found out that there is a traitor.While searching Denal and Cloth are fighting that Cloth or Denal is traitor.'"
" Clones lost:1'"
" Survived:Currently there are lots of clones'"
" Mission:Persumed failed.'"
" 4.Traitor discovered:'"
" They figured out traitor that he didin't know his number.Until clones are ready to call jedi.'"
" Clones lost:0'"
" Survived:Currently all clones'"
" Mission:Failed(Jango Fett escaped).'"
" 5.Call in the jedi:'"

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